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Mobile Phones World partners with manufacturers, operators, distributors, service centers, and retailers to turn inventory challenges into business opportunities. We specialise in the responsible and profitable redistribution of new and pre-owned phones, tablets, accessories, and other wireless equipment.

Having come from humble beginnings of buying and selling from platforms such as eBay and Gumtree, we appreciate the budding entrepreneur and also retained a presence in the local market. This is concurrent to supplying our more established buyers in the global market. We have access to every major market and intercontinental networks in the world


Grade A+

Used with NO signs of usage at all.


Grade A

If there are any signs of usage at all, they are easily overlooked

Grade B

Overall the phone is in good condition, however one area may have a scrape, there may be small scratches on the device and LCD. NO broken parts and the phone will not have an abundant amount of defected areas or scratches. It’s overall appearance should be similar to an A graded phone with the exception of one or two blemishes.

Grade C

The phone looks heavily used. There may be a multitude of scratches all over the device. The LCD may have prominent  scratches the body of the device is scratched moderately with multiple scraps on the back.

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